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  • Unifying Principles and VBS

    So I have just spent some time trying to get my office laptop calendar to sync to my Google calendar and for both of them to sync to my iPhone so if I add, edit or delete an event in any one of the three, it updates across them.  Finally I had to decide that […]

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  • But then again, that’s just my opinion

    I have a dream, a nightmare really, where I want to scream but I can`t generate a sound. It`s an awful feeling. There are different types or kinds of being mute. There are people who could never speak, who can`t generate any vocalization; there are people whose vocal chords work, but because of deafness can`t […]

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  • Tithing with your Visa and Other Thoughts

    I read an article this morning about tithing, but not just tithing, about what form of payment to use when you tithe.  There are increasingly more churches that accept different forms of donations, either cash, cheque, direct transfer, debit or credit cards.    You can read the whole article here.  The author has a few […]

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  • But then again, that’s just my opinion

    I am the proud father of four teenagers. Even though the oldest is still a teen, he has managed to buy himself a condo and move out; but not before I got access to his music. I like life with “the cloud.” I don’t really like his music but it was the principle of the […]

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