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  • My Time With a Dead Anglican

    You’ve seen it happen a hundred times.  You start spending a lot of time with someone and you find yourself picking up some of their mannerisms, or using some of their turns of phrase.  Maybe you start to talk about them to your other friends and family.  You might even begin to see things like […]

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  • Live Free

    With Pastor Norm away sick again this week, I am preparing the message for Sunday, this week dealing with the 4th commandment, keeping the Sabbath.  Now, at the news that I am preaching again I know that some of you are filled with lament, while others (very few I suspect) are filled with joy.  Nevertheless […]

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  • Keeping Christ in Everything

    I wrote this blog last year, but since so few people read it, I feel alright about re-posting it.  I’ve started to see these signs again around town and hearing about this in the media.   What do you call someone who’s afraid of Santa?  Claus-trophobic! Ok folks, let’s talk about something.  Let’s talk about […]

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  • The Lies We Believe and the Truth that Sets us Free

    I’ve been meaning to write a blog for a while now, but it has fallen aside with all the other things that have been happening.  Here’s an update for you; If you haven’t heard, D is pregnant with our third child and just like the other two pregnancies, she is sick sick sick, please keep […]

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