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  • Better than Superman

    I remember going to the theatre in 1978 to watch Christopher Reeves in Superman. It was amazing to watch this new movie with all the special effects: flying, stopping/catching bullets, becoming a train track, turning back time. Could it have gotten any better? This guy could do anything. As long as Superman was around no […]

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  • But then again, that’s just my opinion

    A friend of mine was in a car accident last week. He walked away from it, but it might have just as easily gone tragically wrong. This isn’t the only problem in my friend’s life; he’s dealing with other things too. Big things. Serious things. He must be frustrated.  When life becomes overwhelming, frustration, painful […]

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  • And That’s not Just my Opinion

    So much for resolutions. If I was on the ball I would have blogged about the necessity of baptism. The essence of the message was to identify what baptism is: an initiation rite, the sign of the covenant, an act of obedience, and/or a declaration of faith. If I was more consistent I would have […]

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  • Why do I (try to) read the Bible Daily?

    I recently read a selection from a book by E. Stanley Jones entitled The Habit of Reading the Bible Daily, and it got me thinking, why? Why should I cultivate the habit of reading the Bible daily? “Discipline is the fruit of conversion – not the root” This line from the reading is one we […]

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