Parkland Baptist Church

Weekly Life Group Questions

Life Group: Dec. 2 – December 8/2019

Text: Isaiah 49:1 – 7

Welcome and Icebreaker:

What is the worst gift you have ever received for Christmas? (or what is the best gift…)

Main Idea:

The Lord often allows us to experience failure in order to better prepare us for greater success.


  • As you
    read this passage are there any words or phrases that jump out at you that you
    would like to explore further? Are there any initial questions you have after
    reading this passage?
  • Who is
    the Me referring to in 49:1? 
    How does 49:1c relate to Matt 1.23 and Luke 1.31?  What might the sharp sword and polished
    (49:2)represent (cf., Heb 4.12 and Luke 2:34, 35).  Every time we open the Scriptures, we open
    our hearts to the piercing power of God. 
    How have you experienced this truth in your life?
  • Based
    on Isa 49:3 what was the mission of the Servant of God?  In what ways does He bring glory to God?
    (cf., cf., 49:3, 5, 6, 7). Why is He (the Lord Jesus) called Israel (49:3)?
  • Verse 4
    gives us an inside look into the heart of Jesus in His ministry to Israel.  How did He respond to discouragement and
    grief over Israel’s rejection (cf., Matt 23:37)? Describe a situation in your
    life where failure lead you to trust in the Lord.
  • Israel
    on the whole rejected the mission and message of the Messiah.  How does their rejection bring blessing to
    the nations (49:6, 7; Rom 11:11. 15)
  • Although
    at first it appeared that Jesus failed in His mission to the Jewish people, but
    in the end Jesus will succeed in His mission both to the Jewish people and to
    the Gentiles.  How might this be an
    encouragement to us?  How might set backs
    and failures be used as a means for greater influence in the future?  We may have poured out our heart, soul and
    strength into raising our kids, our jobs, our marriage and yet we find the
    results are meager.  How might this
    passage encourage us that our reward is with our God?
  • Is
    there anything in this passage that the Lord has impressed on your heart that
    you would like to apply in your life? How can we pray? 

for One Another and pray through the blessing list (i.e. your oikos)

Pray for PBC

  • The
    Lord would continue to direct and guide PBC into the future.
  • The
    Lord would continue to enlarge the Life Group ministry.
  • That
    PBC would be a work in the hearts and lives of the new families that have
    started to attend PBC.
  • Pray
    for the upcoming Newcomers luncheon and that newcomers would find PBC to be a

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