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Weekly Life Group Questions

Life Group April 14 – 20 2019

Text: John 12:12-19

Welcome and Icebreaker: What is your favorite farm animal?

Main Idea: When the Lord Jesus reigns on the throne of our hearts we will know His righteousness, peace and joy.


1. As you read this passage are there any words or phrases that jump out at you that you would like to explore further? Are there any initial questions you have after reading this passage? What do you think is the idea of this passage?

2. This event takes place four days before the Passover on the 10th of Nissan.  What is significant about this day on the Jewish Calendar (cf., Exodus 12:3 – 6)?  For four days Jesus was be scrutinized by the religious authorities and Roman rulers, what was the conclusion about His worthiness (cf., Luke 23:14, 1 Pet 1:18, 19)?  What does this say about Jesus as our Lord and Saviour?

3. Jesus rode into Jerusalem by way of the Mount of Olives. What is significant about the Mount of Olives (cf., Acts 1:9, 12; Zech 14:4)?

4. Why do you think the people were so excited to see Jesus? How does this scene in John differ from Jesus’ 2nd coming?
(cf., Rev 19:11-16)?  What is the difference
between a king riding into a city on a horse from one riding on a donkey?  What would you say is the message of the

5. Why did the disciples not realize that prophecy was being fulfilled when Jesus entered Jerusalem
on the donkey’s colt?  What it is about
the glorification of Jesus that gave them understanding (cf., John 7:39)?  What is the role of the Holy Spirit in our
lives with respect to discerning the plan and purposes of God?

6. Why did the religious leaders want to destroy Jesus (John 11:47, 48)?  What part do you think Jesus should have in the political/social aspect of our lives? What has convinced you that Jesus is King?

7. Is there anything in this passage that the Lord has impressed on your heart that you would like to apply in your life?

Pray for One Another: Spend time praying through your blessing list and take time to pray for the individual needs of the life group members.

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