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St. Benedict’s Children’s Home March 2019

Sierra Leone is undergoing economic recovery since it took over from the previous government. The current government is saying it inherited the worse economy since independent (since 27 April 1961). The current government is still struggling to fix the economy and not to even talk about how to compete with other currencies like the US$ and other international currencies which are used for international markets and are the main determinant for the cost of commodities.
However, the security situation is generally stable, with few incident of rape of under-aged children/girls which the government has left with no alternative but to institute a state of emergency in the country and a penalty of ending up losing lives to all men who are found wanting.
Notwithstanding, the difficulties faced by the government, the organisation continues to function with the support of its main partner Parkland Baptist Church and other individual well-wishers. For the forth quarterly report below are some of the gains we have made.


*Able to pay electrical bills.
*Able to meet some educational commitment.
*Able to monitor all the activities in the organisation.
*Able to pay transportation for children where necessary.
*One of the students able to get pre-university requirement.
*Able to do one outreach for the children.


*Unable to meet to all school related request.
*Unable to pay stipend to volunteers.
*Rising cost of commodities in the country.
*Unable to get the required instrument for reporting on time (computer and internet facilities).

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