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Weekly Life Group Questions

Life Group May 12 – May 18 /2019

Text: Exodus 2:1-10

Welcome and Icebreaker: Who were some of the key individuals from your growing up years that God used to help make you who you are today? What was it about them and what they did that made such a big impact on your life?

Main Idea: Life, even the normal boring parts, can be lived as an act
of faith in God.


1.As you read this passage are there any words or phrases that jump out at you that you would like to explore further? Are there any initial questions you have after reading this passage?  What do you think is the idea of this passage?

2. Verse 2 says that “When she saw that he was a fine child, she hid him for three months.” The way Moses’ mother viewed her son had a direct impact on her actions. How does the way that you view people affect how you treat them? What things dictate your perception of people? How can you seek to align your perception of people with how God views them?

3. Like Moses’ mother (Jochebed), we live in a world filled with evil systems and practices that are bigger than we can change. What are some of the evil of our day that we as Christians must not go along with?

4. While Jochebed could not change the system of her day, she still did everything she could to care for her son. What challenges has God given you at this point in your life that seem too great for you? What can and should you do about these things?

5. Even when Jochebed could no longer keep Moses at home, she did not give up but instead came up with, and employed, a brilliant plan to hide Moses in the Nile river. How can we show similar amounts of intentionality and ingenuity as we face our own enormous problems?

6. This passage starts with Jochebed defying the king’s order and hiding her son however, at the end she gives him up to be raised by this very man’s daughter. What changed that she went from holding on to letting go? What hope does she have at the end of this passage that allows her to do this? What hope are you needing in your current situation and how can the promises of God bring this into your life?

7. Is there anything in this passage that the Lord has impressed on your heart that you would like to apply in your life? How can we pray for you?

Pray for One Another: Spend time praying through your blessing list and take time to pray for the individual needs of the life group members.

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